A Call
for a
 Day of Fasting and Prayer

Call for a Day of Fasting and Prayer, May 5th 2010 / 21 Iyar, 5770


This fast is based on a recent call from Rav Yeshayahu Hollander that MK’s Orlev and Cabel are reviving discussion on the “Heritage List.” The original call was for as many as possible to sign a petition to influence Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to include the Temple Mount in his “Heritage Plan.” The plan was to reconnect Israel with its historical “heritage” sites with roads and renovations. In short, the overall concern here is one of “restoration.”

The Knesset passed the plan, and even added the sites of the tomb of the Patriarchs and also the tomb of Rachel. The petition worked, it was part of a pressure from the right. Those who have signed that petition may have been part of the influence. True, the Temple Mount was not on the plan, to put in on there could have caused an instant war. Yet, we know that in the future the throne of G-D's Presence will sit on that very spot for EVER. That is the time to which we, with all Jews can look forward.

What about the fast that was called by Shaar Israel to influence this decision? It still stands. It is for the overall restoration of all Israel, where ever she needs it now. The drive for "restoration" needs to continue.
Judah in the Land is facing internal and external opposition to a true restoration. We can learn from king Yehoshaphat, whose name means "God has judged." The occasion was one of great opposition from the enemies of Israel. He fasted and proclaimed all of Judah to do likewise and gathered all the people to ask help of the L-RD then:
"behold, they render unto us [evil], to come to cast us out of Thy possession, which Thou hast given us to inherit. O our God, wilt Thou not execute judgment on them? For we have no might against this great multitude that cometh against us; neither know we what to do; but our eyes are upon Thee." II Chron. 20:12 (JPS)

Certainly, in this matter of the Temple Mount, we know not what to do, and if we sought God, it would perhaps be resolved as was the matter of Ammon, Moav and Seir then. The point of this fast is not to bend God to our will and our “solution.” God in His sovereignty will do what is best. We have done our petition to Binyamin Netanyahu's plan of  "restoration."  Now we need to petition God to restore Israel as He sees fit. The value in these types of petitions to God, is that we line up on the right side of world events in real time. God tells us that in times past He has looked for people "to stand in the gap" so to speak, and make a stand before Him for the sake of the people... and He found none, (Ez. 22:30-31). Therefore the "correction" He has meted out on us was worse than otherwise it would have been if some had asked for mercy, promoted repentance or had done the right thing at the right time.
Jer. 5:1 tell us that there was not one who sought the Truth. Isa. 59:16 and 63:5 tell us that God was looking then for some to help. Obviously, He is still looking for people to "help" bring that salvation we need to have. True, we are told "Thou worm Jacob," (Isa. 41:14), and though we have no power of our own, we do have a place for petition for “restoration” before the All-Mighty that He mercifully gives us as and is looking for still. It seems that one of our main functions for which we have been resurrected from the Valley of Dry Bones first, is to have an intercessory function before the Master of the World.
Finally, we can have a day of fasting and prayer to line up on God's side re “His” restoration plan for all Israel, including us, the Ten Tribes, which has moved into a new phase. True, the Redemption will come, whether we do anything or not. It is the degree of suffering with which it will come we need to be concerned about and ask for mercy.

Then he answered and spoke unto me, saying: 'This is the word of the LORD unto Zerubbabel, saying: Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.'” Zech. 4:6.

Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and terrible day of the LORD. And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers; lest I come and smite the land with utter destruction.”  Mal 4:26                                                                                                                                                                         
Judah in the Land, has lit 12 torches for all the Tribes of Israel on Independence Day,/ Yom Hatzmaut. The least we can do is call for a fast for reclaiming our heritage by the Hand of God who gave us the Land and everything it stands for.

Let us do this fast.

Steve Mathe


A note about fasting. When fasting, it is important to keep in mind, that God does not need our fasting per se. It does nothing for Him. For that matter not much for us either. What matters is that thusly we make a statement of serious intent to God with it and that the time we would spend eating and thinking about food, we spend in prayer. This is besides the other extra time we spend in prayer and meditation about the goal we are concerned about.

Fasting may be a hardship for many to do it if one is working on that particular day. Perhaps you can do it on some prior day. That is fine. Am concerned only that we do all do it around this time of the Fifth of May.

Please do the fast to the extent your health allows. In hot climates, or if infirm, you should drink water, and certainly observe doctors' instructions concerning your health. The idea is not to suffer for something, but to have a strong intent for something. Fasting does that.

If you cannot fast, please just pray for the restoration of Israel. God hears.