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Connections Israel has several worthy targets in Israel for which it garners aid.  These range from support of its soldiers, aid to her victims of terrorism, natural disasters or those in need of Jewish education for those who otherwise could not afford it or would not have a chance to have it. Special dated requests are featured below. Other ongoing projects are described in detail at:


 December 2010 and ongoing:

Relief for the aftermath of "the great fire of 2010" in the northern forests of Israel:

Dear Family and Friends,

While most of the world was celebrating the Holiday of Lights and savoring the special atmosphere created by the burning of colored candles or pure olive oil, another fire burned out of control on Mount Carmel in Israel and left an atmosphere of destruction and mourning in its wake.

This national tragedy, which claimed the lives of 43 people, destroyed approximately 5 million trees and saw the evacuation of 20,000 people from their homes has left schools, homes and lives charred, damaged and traumatized.

Just as Connections Israel stepped in to work with the residents of the city of Sderot when they were under rocket attack; so too, Connections Israel has committed to contributing to efforts of rehabilitation in the north.

The Sderot teen leaders are already busy at work putting together volunteer teams to provide hands on help in northern communities. They know firsthand what it means to be homeless; what it means to be a victim to circumstances out of one’s control; what it means to find alternative sites for schools while buildings are being shored up. That makes them uniquely qualified to now help others face these devastating realities and serve as an inspiration to the many families struggling to cope.

Please help us help them. Your generous donations will go towards funding the much needed supplies that our youth will need in the cleanup and remodeling efforts. Bringing a family back home and children back into their classrooms goes a long way in returning normalcy to the many lives which were suddenly changed forever.


Contributions can be made securely online at:

Enter your contribution under 'General' and when you complete the transaction there will be a place to enter: Fire Victim Project.

Checks can be made payable to: Connections Israel

and mailed to:

ForIsrael/Fire Victim Project

Connections Israel

PO Box 28371

Jerusalem, 91283


       Please stand with us during this time of extreme need....