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is about and why you need to read it


Steve Mathe


“There is a time and place for everything.Solomon has bequeathed those wise words to us millennia ago.[1]  The prophesied time for the Tribes of Israel to “gather themselves together” in the “latter days” as commanded by their father Jacob, has arrived (Genesis 49:1-2). This is one of the places to inform those divinely-awakening Ten Tribes to read Yair Davidiy’s book, “Origin ― You too are from Israel, You too are the People. Those in today’s growing Hebrew Roots Movement need to know their raison d’etre, that its constituents are the initial returnees to consciousness of the exiled, long mythicized, but very much alive so-called, “Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.”

Origin is a primer that provides the growing Hebrew Roots Movement with essential identification and orientation signs from two witnesses. The first witness is that of the Hebrew Scriptures. Its Torah, Writings and the Prophets testify of the Divine pronouncements about the prophesied sure return of the “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel.  Yair Davidiy cites the core set of these essential markers in the Hebrew Scriptures, and with them plots the spiritual and geographical journeys of the Tribes of the Covenant which all returnees of the Ten Tribes and those who join them need to know.  Knowledge and comprehension of these “secrets” were to be hidden from the Ten Tribes till the latter days[2].  At that time, when they will have served out their Divine sentence for abandoning the eternal Covenant they made with the Almighty, their prison houses were prophesied to be opened. Only in the latter days were they to “come alive” to consciousness, and begin to understand the lessons of their biblical history’s past present and future. At that time these “lost tribes of Israel” are to move out of anonymity to regain their “lost identity” and its associated responsibilities as the People of the Covenant/Brit Am.[3]

The second witness is history. In Origin Yair Davidiy leads these released prisoners who are searching for their bearings and forgotten identity through the major historical trails which identify the times and places through which the Ten Tribes trekked to their modern aggregate locations. In these places seeking returnees can discover their historically-gained diverse names, God-given national characteristics and powers with which they were to fulfill their prophesied roles.

Origin shows in a succinct manner how the testimonies of these two witnesses comprise the revelation of “the dark sayings of old.”[4]  These “secret things”[5] were to be proclaimed and understood by the designated “generation to come” in order that the there-to-fore hidden Tribes of Israel may know who they are and what they must do.  All returnees of the Ten Tribes need to be educated and bolstered by this primer’s key principles to begin to understand the divine message to them. These revelations are to galvanize them into effective gatherings in order to return to their God, and to His Covenant that they contemptuously have cast away.[6]


“Bless ye God in the congregations, even the Lord from the fountain of Israel.―Psalm 68:26


To order Origin go to: http://hebrewnations.com/publications/books/

The next recommended book to read in the Yair Davidiy series on the Ten Tribes is “Biblical Truth, The Lost Ten Tribes of   Israel in the West according to the book of Genesis.”

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